Fortis Escorts Hospital Faridabad introduces the first ever gynecology ward in the city, solely dedicated to women


Faridabad Hindustan ab tak/Dinesh Bhardwaj : 26 February Fortis Escorts Hospital Faridabad has launched the first ever gynecology ward in the city that is solely dedicated to women. The ward was inaugurated by Dr Puneeta Hasija, IMA President, Faridabad. The gynecology ward has been designed based on the requirements that women have, encompassing privacy, measurements for infection control, and friendly environment, among other needs. A set of dedicated staff (nurses) have been hired for the same. It has been ensured that they are experts in women care. The hospital has additionally ensured that the nurses will be provided with adequate training to cater to the needs of the patients. The aim for introducing this ward is to provide a safe environment for women where they can feel comfortable when visiting the hospital alone. Dr Indu Taneja, HOD & Sr
Consultant and her team along with the nurses will oversee the patients who are admitted in the ward.
Speaking at the launch Dr Puneeta Hasija, IMA President, Faridabad, said, ‘these days women have specific requirements and demands, and it’s time that we take care of their needs. Fortis Escorts Hospital has done a commendable job by being the first hospital in Faridabad to take this step of launching a dedicated ward specifically designed for women keeping in mind their needs and requirements. Now women in Faridabad and nearby regions can be comfortable during their visit to the hospital and use the benefits of this dedicated ward’.
Dr Indu Taneja, HOD and Sr Consultant, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad, said, ‘this dedicated gynaecological ward will give privacy to all the female patients. Specially to feeding mothers. In this ward a dedicated team of doctors and nurses will take care to prevent infections to mother and babies and can assist mother for feeding. Therefore, a dedicated team will provide best care to patients’.
Mr. Mohit Singh, Facility Director, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad said, ‘We have taken constructive steps to upgrade the clinical infrastructure of our hospital. We remain completely committed to provide world class technology and equipment to our clinicians so that they can deliver best clinical outcomes. Earlier we had launched the dedicated OPD unit for Mother and Child for holistic health care. Now we have introduced a special ward for women where they have ample space and a good environment for faster recovery post
surgeries or any other medical procedure.’
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