Webinar on Women Empowerment Under the Umbrella of Pink: Exploring Feminism


Faridabad Hindustan ab tak/Dinesh Bhardwaj : Women empowerment and achieving gender equality is vital for the growth of any country. In the context of women and development, empowerment must include more choices for women to make on their own. Keeping this in mind Faculty Development Cell of DAV Institute of Management, Faridabad organised a Webinar on Women Empowerment “Under the Umbrella of Pink- Exploring Feminism” on 30 th January 2021. The speaker for the day was Dr. Archana Bhatia, a renowned speaker, Mahilla Ratan Awardee and Record Holder (Asia and India Book of
Records). She emphasised that to help empowering women we have to make them free from any kind of social and societal pressure. Let women grow; think and figure out their life on their own is the only mantra to bring women on an equal front as of men. We need to honour their presence and hard work.
In his opening remarks Principal Director Dr. Sanjeev Sharma stated that in order to empower women one should change his approach and let women shine in their work. Dr. Ashima Tandon, mentioned that in spite of several Government initiatives, the ultimate responsibility lies with the women, who have to fight for their rights. More than 500 faculty members, scholars, students and principals of various colleges and universities from India and abroad like Nigeria, Oman, Philippines, and Uzbekistan registered for the webinar. The session was organised with meticulous efforts of Dr. Ritu Gandhi Arora, Vice Principal and Convener Faculty Development Cell, Dr. Ashima Tandon, Dr. Parul Nagi, Ms. Kanika Duggal, Dr. Meera, Dr. Sunita Bishnoi, Ms. Neetu, Mr. Harish Rawat, Mr. Sachin Narula, Dr. Bhawna Sharma, Ms. Pooja Sachdeva, Ms. Ritu Gautam, Ms. Pooja Gour and Dr. Ashish. Webinar was a great success and well appreciated by all.