Lohri Celebration at DAV Institute of Management, Faridabad


Faridabad Hindustan ab tak/Dinesh Bhardwaj : On the pious festival of Lohri on 13 th January 2021 the Student Welfare Department organised lohri celebration for staff and students. The mood in the campus was upbeat and the students were totally absorbed in the festive spirit of Lohri. The Principal Director Dr. Sanjeev Sharma wished all with the hope that the coming year would bring happiness in the lives of the students and teachers as well. He emphasized that Lohri festival prompts people to be thankful for God’s provision.
The DAVIM Centre for Environment and Rotaract Club of DAVIM Celebrated Lohri with
the children of Roshni NGO and distributed lohri sweets to them. The celebration bought
smiles on children faces and they enjoyed it with great zeal and enthusiasm. Dr. Sanjeev
appreciated the efforts of the team who came forward with the idea of celebrating such
festivals with these childrens.