New Delhi Hindustan ab tak/Dinesh Bhardwaj : The corona virus pandemic has shaken up the very core of our lives. It has brought almost everything to a standstill. Consequences are very much clear, we all are panicking for our families, businesses and many more things. Keeping this crucial scenario in mind, Spiritual Healer & Hope Creator, Dr. Priya Kaul, and her team are organizing the sessions to get rid of all your problems that are prevailing in our mind these days.

“Reason for making venture or these free services was to make people happier, just to make people relax. When we do meditation, we think about how people are feeling at the moment. So I feel that they are in fear, It can be fear of existence or survival. I and my team are working on these cases where we want maximum people who are in fear or trouble whether it is for their loved ones who are in India or out of India or people who are worried about what will happen to our economy or how our business will run. So keeping all those things in mind, we will have a session of 15- 20 minutes. Where we’ll listen to them first. We’ll be giving them time so that they can open up, they can speak to us and then we’ll be giving them some mantra, we’ll giving them some chance and we’ll be making them relax. This is how Team  Healing with Priya Kaul is serving the humanity

She further added “ Every human being should do something for humanity. As we are unable to do a workshop or camp to bring in awareness so we thought let’s get digital friendly and then decided to launch this initiative, Angel in Disguise.