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Quick Spring 2020 Make-up Trends & Ideas by expert Aashmeen Munjaal



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New Delhi Hindustan ab tak/Dinesh Bhardwaj : As the weather changes from winter to spring the new collection of 2020 make-up trends are increasing in demand nowadays. This year the overall ideas of the beauty industry is about mixing and matching. Whether it comes to your hair, lips eyes, and nails. Similarly, this season the make-up colour is inspired by the theme of blossoming flowers in the garden. Therefore, make-up expert Aashmeen Munjaal, Director of Star Salon & Academy revealing some quick make-up ideas for spring 2020:

Spring 2020 Face Colour: As per the trend, the face colours are in vogue. As the spring season comes in the metallic shade goes out because metallic is more of the solid colours more of the heavy metals which is meant for the winters. Whereas, in spring floral are in fashion. Basically, a garden colour. So for your face, this season is all about floral vibes.

Spring 2020 Hair Colour: Most of the colours inspired in your hair are blossom cherry colour, or for the rose gold colour, even you can go with fuchsia colour. Even people nowadays are looking for more of spring-based hair colour.

Spring 2020 Eye Colour: Instead of using plain eye with black colour or brown colour. This is the time to explore your eyes with chirpy blues, greens. Including purple eyeliners. These are the shades on your eyes. Even the shading of the orchid colour is very much in trend this spring. Similarly, for your cheekbones more of the peach and pink are in to enjoy, instead of the bronzers or the browns.

Spring 2020 Lip Colours: Even on your lips, the florescent bright colours, like you can go ahead with ruby red, rose red also tangerine red colour. Orange, fuchsia, and magenta are the other options that can give you a mind-blowing spring look.

Spring 2020 Nail Colours: Well, let us not ignore the beauty of our nails. Instead of using any exact metallic colour. This spring we can mix and match a few combinations of floral colours by multi colouring the shades, like putting dull red, pink on the other nail and same goes with orange. On the theme of gardening, your nails can be a bouquet. Let’s not be monotonous. Even you can try the dual colour on your lips as this is the time of freshness.

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