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You arenever fully dressed without Naughty Girl perfumes



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New Delhi Hindustan ab tak/Dinesh Bhardwaj : You arenever fully dressed without Naughty Girl perfumesThe best fragrances for women like ‘Miles In Gold’, ‘Star Light’, ‘Purple Quartz’, ‘Woo the Diva’,‘Morning Dew’, ‘Pour Me Red’, ‘Blooming Blue’, ‘Brown Beach’, ‘Guess Who’ and‘Flirt In Pink’ leave behind an aura which conjures up captivating imagesof the modern day woman. The rustic, spicy and earthy ingredients give anenchanting aroma to these latest perfumes by Naughty Girl. They are one of themost enticing and liberating feminine fragrances from Lyla Blanc, the perfume brand for women.NaughtyGirl perfumes are the best perfumes for women in India whichmirror the image of a modern woman who leads an inspiring story be it thehomemakers, the boss ladies, the travelers or artists. Radiantly feminine,confident and sensual, Naughty Girl perfumes embraces every facet of the womanof today. It celebrates them in a liberating wave of modern femininity thatlingers a sophisticated and captivating aura. TheNaughty Girl perfume collection is inspired by the many moods of women and theirexpressive style. There is a spread of choices for you to pick from for yourdaily perfumes. For perfumes that are everlasting, choose from ‘Flirt in Pink’ which offers you hints of honey andsandalwood and ‘Brown Beach’ that bringsa burst of freshness with its sweet woody scent. The sweet floral with spicy twistingredients gives an exotic aroma to ‘Pour Me Red’ which lingers through the day and is perfect for alloccasions. Price: Rs.1,000/- for 30mlNaughty Girl isnow available at,,,,,, Large format retail, beauty and general stores.
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