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Celebrate This International Women’s Day with the leaders of our society



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New Delhi Hindustan ab tak/Dinesh Bhardwaj : Acknowledging the women’s achievements should not be bound to any particular day, However, 8th March is being celebrated as an International Women’s Day every year to honour the social, economic and cultural achievements of women and is to let women know that she has the same liberty that is being offered to men, in doing whatever they want to do in their life without any restriction and without any fear of the society.
As they say “no one has the power to defeat the tremendous courage inside a woman”, International Women’s Day is all about embracing women’s fraternity and educating mindsets.
“we are in control of our mind, no one can take that away. Never give up, keep exploring and keep inspiring . And last but not least, just remember one thing always, we don’t need to be empowered, we already are. Let’s work towards equality and work together to make a difference in this world for ourselves. Happy International Women’s Day !“ says Mountaineer, Kamal Kaur
“We women have an unidentified power within us. We can not only achieve what we set our heads into at the same time manage home family and children. I was the first woman making Sleepwear for women in an industry that was only run by men. So the patience and courage required to get there only women can have.” Designer Khyati Nathwani
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