Gurugram students create plumbing system to save water

Gurugram Hindustan ab tak/Dinesh Bhardwaj : A team of teenagers from Gurugram tactfully rolled out their DIY setup that could save 1,00,000 liters of RO water in 15 days. While the world stays focused on washing their hands for 20 seconds at regular intervals to keep Covid-19 at bay, Indians might be overlooking a bigger crisis faced by the country – water scarcity.
And while governments and officials at both state and national level remain mum on the issue, a few students of Shiv Nadar School, Gurugram, decided to take things in their own hands and make a difference.
A team of five students – Mohammad Umar, Piya Sharma, Aditya Tanwar, Jeiya Khurana, and Arjun Singh Bedi – has come up with an initiative. And has focussed their attention on the water wastage of RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems. The team said, “We were shocked to realize that a standalone RO wastes 3 liters of water for every 1 liter that it purifies.”
After a successful implementation within the school premises, they started installing their project at a few local houses and homes of friends and relatives to ensure the effectiveness of the setup.Taking the initiative to the next level, the students visited commercial and public places like Pirates of Grill, where the installment saves around 600 liters per day.
Launching their project in the academic year 2019-2020, the students had achieved a capacity of saving around 1815 liters/day of water before they took a study break for their boards.
Fluid Force has also released a second version of its product that uses solenoid valves to automate the usage of collected water, making the product extremely user friendly. After this news, many took to social media, including BJP Haryana tweeting & congratulating them.