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India’s Biggest Yoga and Wellness Festival



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Gurugram Hindustan ab tak/Dinesh Bhardwaj : 23 February A day event was hosted by Mehak Chaudhry, Founder Soul Project & Pushpa Bector, Executive Director, DLF Shopping Malls to celebrate India’s biggest yoga and wellness festival The Soul Project. The Soul Project united Wellness and Fitness experts from across India in an immersive and holistic wellness experience for the audience, where in the aim of the event was to gather like minded people to motivate them to make healthy choices and adopt conscious living.

Ms. Mehak Chaudhry Founder of the festival said “Soul Project  featured: 25+ Classes & Workshops, 20+ Instructors, Main Stage where Hatha/ Vinayasa/ Iyengar Yoga was conducted, Healing Garden for meditation and healing, Health & Whole Food Village, farmer’s Market and Kids Arena for the Mindful Little ones and musical performance by the band Prem Joshua. The workshops were taken by India’s top Yogis and Fitness trainers like Nidhi Mohan,Malini Ramani, Sapna, Ira Yoga, Sunaina Rekhi, Mihir Jogh, Pradeep Mehta, Kavita Das, Ekta Sabil, Dev Om, Sonam – Mozartsy’s Foot Frolic, Ankita Gulati and Sonia Kaur  – yoga palette to name a few.”

The project had Expert Instructors, Live performances, Signature classes, Fit District, health food village, Act based Music, and many more activities to make the day full with Happiness and Great Vibes. WE wanted to bring a multi- generational fitness fun- filled Sunday for the people of Delhi and NCR where people experienced a variety of activities and have fun as one, be fit together “adds Ms. Mehak Chaudhry.

Ms. Pushpa Bector, Executive Director, DLF Shopping Malls said “Our collaboration with The Soul Project was a huge success, the all-day multi-day events brought together top yoga and wellness teachers in our beautiful space. All our events are very uniquely curated that it pushes the boundaries of new culture, new thinking. And the Soul Project is just another step in that direction. It created a new canvas which was not coloured by strict specifications that govern the dynamics of the Yoga and Wellness industry.”

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