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Make-up expert Aashmeen Munjaal revealed 4 pillars to be a successful woman entrepreneur



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New Delhi Hindustan ab tak/Dinesh Bhardwaj : Women today are independent, confident and have the potential to carry out every task at its best. And proving equal ability as their male counterpart, they have now ventured out into running successful businesses. However, being a woman entrepreneur is not an easy task, it involves set of challenges. Therefore, this Women’ Day make-up expert Aashmeen Munjaal, Director Star Salon & Academy, in her special session revealed 4 pillars to guide women in this challenging journey.

  #Clarity & strong presenter: More than 50% of people don’t know what they want actually. So no matter you are make-up artist, hair dresser or in any other professionalism, whatever success you are seeking in your life, whether it’s for money, fame or self identity, you should understand the importance of your goal, that what you are looking for exactly. If a person knows what she or he wants, then only thing you need to work is on your actions. Also you need to know how to present yourself in terms of your profession. It’s not about the beautification of your face, it’s about how you carry your personality, skills, confidence and communication strongly and positively. You should present yourself in a way that it can reveal your profession.

#professionally intelligent: It’s really important for you to understand and have full knowledge of your goal and interest. Being in any field whether a painter or being a designer you should know the basic rights and wrongs, you need to be professionally intelligent and socially smart. You should keep eye and mind focused on what is happening nearby.

#Networking & Relationships: One of the most important pillars to create your identity is your networking. No matter how much introvert or extrovert you are, in both the cases, whether you are in job, freelance work or business, you are always dealing with humans. And humans love networking, love relationships. People who allow someone to deal with them, the one who share good networking, they grow very faster in their life. I will always say, successful people have very strong alliances. They are very expert or skilled people in maintaining relationships, both loving and friendly either professional or personal.

#integrity: The strongest pillar of all is integrity. In simple terms what you are saying you are doing, and vice versa. You must be having moral characteristics, but you need to be strong with words as well. You should deal with integrity with people. One should know how to clean their mess and clear stiffness from your relationship. Be disciplined and also control your mood swings. So if want to be successful in life you should atleast follow these pillars in your life.

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